About the Ads

At a Canada-wide meeting in 2008, the delegates of Mennonite Church Canada voted overwhelmingly in favour of a campaign that would advocate strongly to promote the message of nonviolent peace building in the public square.

Lots of ideas for venues were discussed: TV ads during popular sports casts, bold, full page print ads in national newspapers, and more. Research revealed that high impact print and broadcast media was not financially viable, but a modest outdoor advertising campaign – and other creative use of media – might be possible.

A team was assembled to develop and test messaging. They understood that the audience is diverse, and various demographics would respond to one but not another kind of message. It was also understood that the messages must not offend those who have made choices to defend their beliefs militarily. Respect is a key ingredient in peace building, and we have sought to honour that value.

The messages you see here have been and may yet be adapted to a variety of mediums: outdoor ads such as billboards, bus benches, and bus boards, and print advertising. We also hope to eventually develop some of these messages into short viral videos to be broadcast on-line.

Mennonite Church Canada affiliated groups may freely use and distribute these messages as they appear here.  If you wish to re-purpose the messages with different group or organization’s sponsoring name attached, call or email us and we can talk about how best to do that.

The current messages are: