A Shift at liveforpeace.org

Liveforpeace.org has been helping its visitors build peace in non-violent ways since 2009. In 2015, 12,000 unique visitors logged onto this site. 
Liveforpeace.org, was developed upon approval of a motion by delegates to the Mennonite Church Canada  Assembly in 2008. The web site was launched in 2009. The intention was to provide a unque, counter-culural, and Anabaptist approach to non-violent peace building using accessible language and ideas.
Due to declining resources to maintain and update content, this web site has, for now, completed its active life. However, there are many excellent resources on this web site that endure the test of time. Please feel free to poke around the menu, navigate to the many excellent sources of information, and be inspired to non-violent peace building and reconciliation. New information may occasionally continue to appear at this web site's related Facebook account.
Thank you to those who envisioned this web site, everyone who contributed content and technical skills, to Peaceworks for web hosting services, and especially to those who have and continue to take action for non-violent peace building in their communities and around the world.