International Conscientious Objectors Day: May 15

"After we went overseas, my comrades began to realize that I would always be there to help them if they got wounded, their attitude changed. They knew I would come to their aid if I possibly could. From then on we had a very good relationship."

Desmond Doss was a conscientious objector in World War II. He wanted to be true to his non-violent religious beliefs, and yet honour his country in service. He decided to serve as a medic, and took the same risks as his armed comrades. He is credited with saving 75 lives, and never took a single life.
People like Doss who are honoured each year on May 15, International Conscientious Objectors Day - for a different kind of bravery: going unarmed into a war zone. "Going into battle helped me to realize how tragic wars, bloodshed and killing are. When anyone is killed it is a tragic thing.
"One day we were given what we thought would be an easy mop-up job. Everything seemed to go wrong... about 75 men were wounded and could not move. I was the only medic and I would not leave my men.
"I stayed on top and let them down one by one over the escarpment, to where they could be taken on down to the aid station.
"I kept praying: 'Lord, help me to get one more.' And He did help me. I got all the men down safely and I did not get a scratch from the bullets that were going near enough that I could practically feel them."