Provincial/Federal feud over long gun registry in Canada

A May 8, 2012 CBC news report describes Public Safety Minister Vic Toews as “… lashing out at provincial officials who he says are collecting unauthorized information on long-gun buyers, threatening to use legislation to make them stop.”

But Chris Wyatt, Ontario’s chief firearms officer, said the ledgers aren't new. "Ledgers existed for decades before the long-gun registry," Wyatt told the CBC. "It's in the interests of public safety to ensure that firearms aren't being sold to criminals or persons who are prohibited from having firearms."

The ledgers record identifying details about the gun sold, as well as the name and firearms licence number of the purchaser – but leaves blank a space in the column previously reserved to record the registration certificate number from the federal firearms registry.

The Canadian government has ended the long gun registry and has ordered the data collected to be destroyed. The long gun registry was introduced in parliament in 1993.