Naval base to be built on UNESCO World Heritage Site, South Korea

JeJu Island, South Korea, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and designated an “Island of World Peace” by the former president Roh Moo-Hyun in 2006. Now, it is at the centre of Save JeJu Island

civilian action protesting the construction of a naval base that will purportedly house 8,000 marines and occupy 50 hectares in this documentary film. The base is alledgely being built under pressure from the USA.

As a strategic military location in close proximity to Korea, mainland China and Japan, the island has for centuries endured colonization and conflict. JeJu

Island became an autonomous province of South Korea in 1946, but has enjoyed little autonomy. In 1948, a civil conflict, spilled over from mainland Korea, cost the lives of 30,000 islanders.

The documentary follows the protest through the eyes of its unofficial leader, Dr. Song.