"It’s never bad to put forward peace option"

It's early days after Libyan dicator Moammar Gadhafi met his end this week at the hands of Libyan revolutionaries. What began in the February of 2011 as an attempt to protest non-violently using social media was met will brutal military opposition as Gadhafi turned troops loose on his own people. And the people responded in kind.

In an April 3, 2011 column in the London Free Press - just prior to a federal election in Canada - writer Larry Cornies laments that there has been "comparatively little discussion of foreign policy, especially the task of envisioning Canada's place in the world in the coming decade and the contributions it might make to the global community of nations."

Specifically, Cornies names the Canadian Dept. of Peace initiative - and effort to create a federal government department of peace. Cornies goes on to write, "One of the most memorable interviews I've had in my career came about a decade ago, when I had the chance to chat with two senior officers in the Canadian Navy. They conceded that Canada's military power is seen around the world as modest. But the nation's capacity for negotiation, peacemaking and peacebuilding, they said, is seen internationally as nearly unparalleled."