Marked for Life: The Story of Hildegard Goss-Mayr, Peace Builder

“That’s all fine and good,” he said, “but what do you do when the Russians come marching down your main street? What do you do then?”

While not known to the wider public, Hildegard Goss-Mayr, and her late husband Jean are perhaps two of the most influential peacemakers of the last century, says a comment on a Tom Cornell review of a biography on Goss-Mayr by Richard Deats.

"Her father, Kaspar Mayr, opened the door and invited the Russians in. The dining room table was set. He invited them to sit and eat. Perplexed, the Russian soldiers sat down and ate... Then one of the soldiers pointed to a crucifix on the wall and said, 'Ah, Christos!' Ah, Christos, that was it! The Russians had their fill and left the house undisturbed and maybe with the inkling of an idea, an idea that Jean and Hildegard spent their lives developing and putting into practice, the radical Christian notion of love of enemies."