Above all we have to build a culture of peace: Argentina

On February 28, 2011, Julio Alak, the Minister of Justice in Argentina received representatives of different faiths, inviting them to participate in the second phase of National Plan of Voluntary Surrender of Firearms.

The representatives as well as the Interfaith Youth Network of Religions for Peace, which is part of the Mennonite Church in Buenos Aires, were invited to "participate actively" in the second phase of the National Voluntary Surrender of Firearms, which will be launched on 11 March. "Together we must build a culture of peace in Argentina," he said.

The staff met this morning at the headquarters of the leading portfolio, with delegates from different faiths, to whom he reiterated that "the disarmament of the civil society is a priority for the Government, because we know that the best weapon to defend is to call 911. "

After explaining that 65% of voluntary manslaughter in Argentina is attributed to conflict between family members, neighbors or friends, Alak said that "a gun in the house is a problem, never a solution" and stressed the importance of the onset of second phase of the National Voluntary Surrender of Firearms.

Alak added that "there is great expectation at the provincial and municipal levels that the Government could destroy some 125,000 weapons, which represent just over 10% of the total registered in the country."

To date, five public events have removed from circulation around 125 thousand firearms and 775,000 rounds of ammunition. "The disarmament of the civil society is a powerful tool for reducing violence and a substantial contribution to social peace," said Alak.

The collected weapons are destroyed in public events, and the money raised by selling the scrap is donated to the Cooperative of Juan Garrahan Pediatric Hospital.

- translation by Google Translate, adapted from www.amlac.org.ar/,