User Behaviour Guide

This site has been archived and no longer accepts comments. 

The intention of this site is to encourage users to be open about the possibilities of using, peaceful, respectful, nonviolent, and non-abusive means to engage with the content, the providers, and other users of this site. In other words, you agree to act out of love, recognizing that people can agree and disagree in love, and are capable of demonstrating the ethical, moral and biblical values expected of people who wish to live peaceably with one another. Language that is inappropriate, profane, abusive, and disrespectful is not acceptable. Behaviour that does not meet these expectations may result in termination as a user.

Please follow these guidelines so everyone can benefit from this forum.

Helpful posts include:
Your experiences, views, comments, advice, questions and opinion

Unhelpful posts include
Anything which is illegal, immoral, defamatory, libelous, offensive or copyrighted.
Advertisements for methods, products, services, businesses, web sites or anything else for commercial gain.

Posts may be deleted as a result of the following:

  • Profanity in subject lines or signatures, or profanity within messages deemed to be blatant as opposed to incidental ·
  • Spamming or commercial solicitation
  • Flaming other users with the apparent intent of inciting or perpetuating a conflict or argument
  • Bombing forums or individual threads with repetitive, pointless posts
  • Posting personal e-mail or chat dialogues
  • Posting pornographic or otherwise objectionable material Impersonating other individuals or false representation
  • Discussion of illegal activity, or posting links to other websites that deal with such activities
  • Posts made under secondary usernames or other aliases
  • Posts which are completely unrelated to the forum in which they are posted
  • Excessive cross-posting (this is considered spam)
  • Posts which breach another user's privacy, i.e. containing phone numbers, addresses or other personal information
  • Copyright violations


Forums are monitored. Posts which may be deemed problematic may be removed immediately and without prior notice. If you come across or think a post may be unsuitable or offensive, you can let us know and we will act accordingly.

User account deletion

Users engaging in unhelpful behavior (as outlined above) may have their user account deleted without notice.


Opinions, ideas, views, advice and beliefs posted on this forum are not necessarily those of or Mennonite Church Canada. nor Mennonite Church Canada accepts any liability for any material or link posted on its forum or any resultant acts or consequences.