Get Involved

If you’ve gotten this far, you may be convinced that more people need to hear about nonviolent peace building. Fortunately, there are a lot of small, practical things you can do to help, regardless of the basis for your convictions.

  • Learn. Educate yourself about nonviolent peace building, and all that it means.  Know yourself and why you believe in nonviolence. Know  your message and be confident that you can articulate it intelligently and respectfully.
  • Nurture your communication and negotiation skills.
  • For many, nonviolent peace building is rooted in their faith. Whether you are Christian or part of another faith group, encourage your congregation to learn about nonviolent peace building.
  • Refuse to fight.  Instead practice nonviolent peace building daily within yourself, with your family, siblings, parents, children, friends, your workplace, your social circles, God, and creation.
  • Volunteer at any number of organizations that work for nonviolent peace and social justice.
  • Become a conscientious objector to war and taxation that pays for war.  Advocate for Conscientious Objection to military taxation.
  • Think about preparing yourself to take the same risks and make the same sacrifices for nonviolent peace as soldiers do.
  • Write letters and meet in person with your elected officials. Challenge your government leaders on the predominant world view that war makes peace.
  • Advocate for the Canadian Peace Initiative in your government's structures.

Learn More

One of the most comprehensive and central repositories of writings and resources about nonviolent resistance, nonviolent peace building, and pacifism can be found here. There are materials available for loan, purchase, and download.

You may also find the podcast here helpful.

When it comes to learning about nonviolent peace building from sources other than Mennonite sources, Google is your friend. You will find the following key words helpful:

  •     Nonviolent peace making 
  •     Nonviolent peace building 
  •     Nonviolent resistance 
  •     Pacifist pacifism 
  •     Alternative service 
  •     Conscientious objection 
  •     Peace activism, activists 
  •     Famous pacifists 
  •     Famous peacemakers 
  •     Jesus peace