How to Prepare

For groups wishing to engage in this campaign by sponsoring public advertising:

Below is a short, step-by-step communications plan to consider closely before you publicly sponsor peace messages:

  1. Before you erect any advertising:
    1. Many public campaigns – be it an ad campaign for a product or service, or public activism – over-promise and under-deliver. Prepare yourselves well. Educate yourself and your group. Be convicted. Be passionate. Own your beliefs and values before you engage those who may not have the same values. Your congregation, regional church, or denomination’s name will appear on the ad – so be prepared to engage visitors and callers who have questions – and differing opinions. Your reputation as a Christian community is at stake.
    2. Be warm and welcoming to all callers/visitors at all times. Practice extreme hospitality.
    3. Listen before speaking. This campaign is about giving people a voice. Honour the voices. Affirm those who need affirmation, respectfully respond to challengers.
  2. Research local advertising opportunities, and find a vehicle that suits you and your budget.
  3. Download the digital artwork available on this site and send it to your chosen advertising company.
  4. Be prepared to respond to media inquiries about the campaign. Expect questions like, “Why are you doing this?” (“We believe it is possible to resolve conflict without resorting to violence.”) and “What do you hope to achieve?” (“We hope the public will more actively question and challenge the increasing levels of militarism in our society.”)
  5. Prepare for and expect some media attention. See Resources for Participating Groups to learn more.