About Live For Peace

LiveForPeace.org represents a small part of a larger group of Christians who come from a family of churches often called the "Historic Peace Churches."

Our small component of the Historic Peace Churches – the Mennonite Church – has five centuries of history as a peace church. This web site is, in part, a response to those in other corners of church and society who have found success in nonviolent peace building. They have come to believe in the idea and have challenged us to share our stories, ideas, and beliefs more widely. We’re a small group who has managed only a small dent in the big picture of world peace.

We come from a Reformation branch of Christians who deeply believe that when Jesus walked the earth, he walked it as a nonviolent peace builder. There is a strong biblical case for nonviolent peace, and there are hundreds of stories Mennonite history can tell which illustrate that nonviolent peace building works. But there are those for whom nonviolent resistance and negotiation did not work; still, they believed in nonviolent peace building so strongly that many of them sacrificed their lives rather than compromise their beliefs, or died refusing to fight back or take another person’s life. They continue to risk their lives for their peace building beliefs in conflict-ridden places like Colombia, Philippines, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These people are taking the same risk as soldiers who fight for peace.

We ask only that visitors to this site come with an open mind and a willingness to engage our forum thoughtfully and peaceably in the topic. Read our Terms of Use and User Behaviour Guide.

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