Muslims to form human shield of protection around Coptic Christian churches

A bomb blast killed 21 worshippers as they emerged from a New Year's Mass in the port city of  Alexandria, Egypt, on Jan. 1, 2011.

On Jan. 6, AbramOnline reported that Muslim leaders in Egypt were calling on Muslims to attend Christian churches across the country to attend Coptic Christmas Eve Mass to show solidarity and also act as human shields against potential attacks by Islamist militants.

"... Many Egyptian Muslims are rallying around the idea of acting to protect their fellow citizens," wrote reporter Nourhan El-Abbassy.

"The goodwill has been well received by the Coptic Church, and Coptic priests have been expressing their pleasure  that Muslims intend to join them at tomorrow’s mass. Some churches have already put up banners welcoming Muslims to their celebration of the birth of Jesus," said the report.