Peace Challenge 2010

Calling all peace-loving Anabaptists! Are you willing to commit an act of peace – from baking cookies for a new neighbour to displaying peace posters or singing songs of peace in a park? Can we generate 225 acts of peace between Oct.1 and Nov. 11, 2010, one for every Mennonite Church Canada congregation? Record your act of peace on the 1000 Acts of Peace forum.

All individuals and groups who post their efforts will be entered into a Nov. 18 draw for Live for Peace toques and peace posters. Ten entries will be drawn. Nudge your friends and pew partners and spread peace! Story post deadline: Nov. 17.

Bill C-300 on Canadian Corporate Social Responsibility

Next week Canadian parliament votes on the third reading of Bill C-300, a private members bill introduced by MP John McKay to keep Canadian mining and oil companies responsible for their actions in developing countries.  Today I wrote to both my MP at home, and the MP of the region I now reside in, to encourage them to vote for this bill.  This summer I was in Guatemala visiting a Canadian gold mine and hearing about the environmental and social damage that GoldCorp is causing in the town of San Miguel.  The people of the developing nations are at the mercy of our actions as consumers.  Please use your democratic right this week to encourage your MP to vote in favour of Bill C-300!

Disabled Senior Sharing Surplus Plants from Her Garden

Last week, I had to prune my grapevines severely, because they had been growing into the branches of a basswood tree, right to the top, threatening to climb onto the power line where they could easily do some damage.  Well, after pulling them down, I cut this year's growth into pieces and planted them all along the fence of a neighbor who lives across the backlane.  I didn't even warn him about it, but I knew that he would be happy.  I never throw out good plants, and when I have surplus, I find a good home for them.  My neighbors are happy but also surprised that an old lady who has been disabled for a quarter century would care enough to do that.  Well, this is one of my contributions to peace in the neighborhood.  I may be in pain doing it, but considering what Jesus did for me, it is worth it.