9th Millennium Development Goal Recommended

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Instead of speaking to the G8 political leaders, Robert J. Suderman, General Secretary of Mennonite Church Canada recommended a 9th millennium development goal aimed at the 80 gathered international delegates at the World Religions Summit, 2010 that the religions of the world "... condemn religiously motivated terrorism and extremism and commit to stop the teaching and justification of the use of violence between and among our faith communities."

9th Millennium Goal Story in Canadian Mennonite

The Canadian Mennonite's July 12, 2010 issue reports Suderman saying, "This millennium goal could be as simple as that our houses of faith stop teaching—and stop justifying—the use of lethal violence between and among our own people.”

The leaders included Suderman's wording as part of a broader consensus statement called "A Time for Inspired Leadership and Action" calling on G8 leaders to honour decade-old pledges to the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

MP Stephen Fletcher, Minsiter of Democratic Reform (Canada), received the statement on behalf of the religious leaders and promised to deliver it to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who hosted the G8 political leaders summit in Ontario from June 25-27, 2010.

Faith leaders representing Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Shinto, Hindu, Aboriginal, Baha'i, and Buddist faiths from over 20 countries attended the Summit in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from June 21-23.