War Resisters Bill C-440 to receive second reading

Canada's War Resisters Support Campaign recently announced that Bill C-440 will receive second reading on May 25, 2010.  Bill C-440 is a private member’s bill moved by MP Gerard Kennedy and seconded by MP Bill Siksay.  If the bill eventually passes 3rd reading and becomes law, it would allow U.S. war resisters to remain in Canada and to apply for permanent residency.

The War Resisters Support Campaign invites Canadians to let their Member of Parliament know of their support for the bill.

The campaign also encourages that signed postcards (request by email wrscnational@gmail.com) be sent to its office prior to May 21. It will deliver these postcards to Ottawa on May 25 to coincide with the Parliamentary debate.

- From Bits and Pieces, a Newsletter of Mennonite Central Committee's Peace Program